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A Fair Question: Is It Really Worth It To Fight My Ticket?

Over the course of our driving lives, most of us will get a speeding ticket at some point. And many of us will complain about the ticket being unfair, but in the end, most of us will pay the fine. But simply sending in the money may prove to be the worst thing you can do.

Your Experienced Speeding Ticket Defense Team

At Claridge Law Firm, in Augusta, Georgia, we help people fight to keep their driving records clear. Here are some of the serious consequences you face if you allow a speeding ticket to stay on your driving record:

  1. Up to a $500 fine, depending upon your speed over the posted limit
  2. If this is not your first ticket in the last 12 months, you will likely face increased insurance rates
  3. Depending upon the severity of the violation, you may face an increased auto registration fee
  4. If you are also charged with reckless driving, you may face a driver’s license suspension
  5. If you get ticketed again within 12 months, you may be recognized as a habitual offender
  6. You may face required driver remediation training

Claridge Law Firm Will Fight Agressively

We use our extensive experience to help you keep your record clean. We know what mistakes police and highway patrol often make and we know what challenges will give you the best chances for beating your ticket.

Don’t roll over. We protect your driving record, your insurance rates and your freedom to drive. Before you pay your fine, it makes sense to talk to one of our attorneys. We will give you an honest evaluation of your circumstances and explain your options for fighting.

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