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Earning A Fair Child Support Arrangement 

Every child has the right to receive material support from both parents. Child support is calculated based on an equation set forth in Georgia’s family law statutes.

At Claridge Law Firm LLC, we understand the importance of family law matters. Our lawyers provide personal, experienced and cost-effective representation to help make sure our clients’ rights are protected and their children receive the support they deserve.

How Child Support Is Calculated

In the past, child support in Georgia was calculated solely as a percentage of the paying parent’s income. Now, child support calculations factor in both parents’ incomes as well as the child’s health insurance and certain aspects of the child custody arrangement. You should speak with a lawyer to find out how this will affect your specific situation.

When Can You Modify Child Support?

Child support arrangements can be modified as the circumstances of the parties involved change. If either parent experiences a significant change in income, if new, unexpected expenses crop up, or if the expenses associated with raising the child change, then either parent can file a request for a child support modification.

We can help you file a motion for a modification, or we can help you resist one if the other party is trying to make a modification that you feel is unfair.

Secure And Enforce Child Support Here

If either parent violates the child support arrangement, he or she can be threatened with an enforcement action by the Georgia family court. If the threat of action doesn’t bring about the desired result, we can help you file a motion for contempt. We also defend against enforcement and contempt actions.

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