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Augusta Georgia Personal Injury Law Blog

A lawsuit can recover compensation after dog bite injuries

Dogs are considered man's best friend and many people in Georgia have a dog as a pet. While most dogs are friendly, approachable and respond well to people, others are dangerous and can cause injuries and even death if they bite. In some instances, even friendly dogs bite without warning. When a dog bites and causes injuries and death, it is imperative for the victims to understand what they are facing and to realize that they have the right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for what they have lost. A legal advocate can provide guidance and help in pursuing a case.

It is important to remember that dogs can inflict severe damage when they bite. In many instances, the dog runs free or is not properly restrained or locked in. If they escape or get away from their owner and bite another person, the owner is liable for the injuries that victim suffers. It is unfortunate that some dogs are not trained or are outright mistreated to the point where they attack people. When this happens, the owner should be held accountable for the damage the dog does.

Hit-and-runs cause injuries in Georgia

In Georgia, people often make the mistake of getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Besides the possibility of an arrest and jail time, this can lead to accidents that cause injuries or death. Frequently, those who are injured or killed are simply minding their own business and suddenly find themselves confronted with injuries and long-term damage because of a driver's lack of care. Although it is difficult to think about, it is imperative to consider the legal options for compensation after such an accident.

An alleged drunk driver hit a pedestrian and killed him and then fled the scene. The driver, a 21-year-old female, was involved in another accident after she hit the pedestrian and was arrested. The victim was a 15-year-old boy who was found in the early morning hours, but it is believed that he was hit the night before. During its investigation, law enforcement found that the woman was drunk. She faces charges of vehicular homicide, fleeing an accident scene that caused death and more. The investigation is continuing.

Distracted driving behaviors raise the risk of car accidents

Serious injuries and fatalities can result from car accidents in Georgia. Researchers, law enforcement and lawmakers are regularly trying to discern the causes of these crashes and formulate methods to reduce their frequency and keep people safe. Distracted driving is a known risk for people on the road. It was long suspected that greater enforcement and the repeated harping of the dangers were proving effective against distracted driving. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. After a crash, evidence of a distracted driver can be key to a successful legal filing.

A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that people remain committed to flouting the law and using their devices behind the wheel. Distracted driving is believed to have been linked to more than 800 fatalities in motor vehicle accidents in 2017.

Georgia car accidents often result in these injuries

You may have witnessed suspicious driving behavior in another vehicle before your accident occurred. This doesn't mean you had to time to safely maneuver your vehicle to avoid a crash. Whether the car was weaving or you noticed a driver using a cell phone at the wheel, the point is that if negligence caused the crash and you suffered injury, you shouldn't have to bear the full financial burden associated with the incident.

Motor vehicle collisions often result in multiple injuries to the same person. Georgia first responders and rescue workers hopefully helped you get medical attention as soon as possible after your accident. If you were conscious and coherent, it's a good sign that you will be able to achieve some level of recovery. The problem is that even minor injuries can have lasting scars and emotional or physical consequences. That's why it is also critical to know where to seek legal support, if needed.

DUI car accidents cause injuries and death

Although distracted driving has become a prominent focus of car accidents, injuries and fatalities in Georgia and across the nation, one of the most dangerous behaviors that people can have behind the wheel is driving under the influence. The risk inherent for innocent drivers and pedestrians when a person chooses to drive after drinking or using drugs is substantial. These accidents can cause major problems in a person's life. After there has been a crash, those who were impacted must remember they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing with help from a law firm that specializes in car accidents.

A 37-year-old woman was killed and a 19-year-old woman and two of her passengers were injured when an alleged drunk driver crashed. The accident happened at approximately 10:30 p.m. when a Chevrolet Malibu was heading west. A Toyota RAV4 was in front of the Malibu and slowing near the intersection due to traffic. The Malibu did not slow down and rear-ended the RAV4. It was pushed toward the intersection. The woman who died was a passenger in the Malibu. She had been hospitalized after the crash, but died days later. The 19-year-old and two others had injuries and were taken to the hospital. The driver of the Malibu was treated for injuries and arrested on multiple charges including DUI and possession of drugs.

To reduce car accidents, Georgia enforces distracted driving law

Distracted driving is problematic across the nation. Georgia took specific steps to reduce its occurrence and the dangers associated with it. The new law implemented in the middle of 2018 was put in place to cite drivers for failing to use a hands-free device when behind the wheel. From the time the law was put in place in July, there have been nearly 8,400 citations given. There was a significant rise in violations in December to coincide with the holidays. In comparison, there were fewer than half that number given in the first half of 2018.

Before the law came into effect, drivers could not send text messages when they were driving. They were, however, allowed to use the device for phone calls. This made enforcement difficult as knowing whether a driver was texting or calling was difficult. The law is referenced when assessing the statistics of fatal accidents, as it reduced by seven percent for the year. The numbers are not final and might rise, but there has been an improvement.

Hit-and-run car accidents involving children spark injury, arrest

Car accidents do not discriminate based on any factor including what a person does for a living. Anyone can be involved in a crash. They must adhere to the law after the fact or face various sanctions if they do not. However, people who are in an accident - especially one involving a child - might be scared or intimidated. This could lead to them fleeing the scene and making the situation worse. From the victim's perspective, a hit-and-run crash multiplies the risk because the injured person might not get the care they need in a timely fashion and it could cause the injuries to be worse than they otherwise would be. It can even result in a fatality. People who are in a hit-and-run crash must have legal help to consider a lawsuit for compensation.

A three-year-old child was injured in a hit-and-run near a daycare center. The driver of the vehicle that fled was later discovered to be an off-duty law enforcement officer. The accident occurred shortly after 5 p.m. The officer was in his personal vehicle. It was in building's parking lot. The officer, a lieutenant, was at the center to pick up his child as was the mother of the child who was hit. After the accident, the woman told the driver that he had hit her daughter. He allegedly lowered his window when the mother went back into the building. He stated that he did not believe he had hit the child and waited before departing. The child had a foot injury. The officer was arrested on multiple charges and was fired from his job.

Car accidents in Georgia have reduced with new hands-free law

Georgia lawmakers and law enforcement are aware of the prevalence of distracted driving crashes in the state. As they seek to reduce the number of car accidents caused by distracted driving, new laws have been enacted in the last six months. The short-term impact has been positive as the hands-free law has shown a decrease in the number of road fatalities. However, it is important for drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians to know that a simple reduction on a short-term basis does not eliminate all risk.

When a moment of inattention could place your health at risk

Being involved in a collision is never ideal, and even a lesser accident runs the unfortunate risk of placing your health in harm's way. While the obvious preference would be to avoid a collision at all costs, this might not always be possible, but you may be able to reduce the chances of a crash by remaining aware and alert.

Unfortunately, you can't force others to follow similar goals, and as you share Georgia roads with countless others, you may encounter some that appear distracted. However, spotting a distracted driver can be difficult at times, and such negligence can pose a major threat to your safety.

Transportation workers vulnerable to DWI car accidents

It is an unfortunate reality that despite how dangerous drunk driving is, people will still choose to get behind the wheel after drinking in Georgia. The lost reaction time, inhibited judgment and other negatives from drinking can place others on the road in jeopardy. Among the most vulnerable are people whose jobs require them to work outside. When there is a crash between a vehicle and a worker, it is made worse if the driver flees. Those who are impacted by these car accidents should know they have the right to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

A local Department of Transportation employee was hurt when he was hit by a car while working outside. According to the investigation, the man was using a leaf-blower when he was hit. After the crash, the driver fled. Another worker saw what happened and followed the fleeing vehicle. Law enforcement was called and was able to locate the vehicle. The female driver was arrested for DUI and for fleeing the scene, among other charges.