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Distracted driving car accidents might stem from phone addiction

Smartphone use is a part of daily life in Georgia and across the nation. It has become something that is necessary for people to work, keep track of family members and much more. However, as with any relatively new aspect of life, it can become problematic and dangerous. Distracted driving is a risk for everyone and a new study indicates that phone addiction is a legitimate issue that is placing people at risk. After car accidents, it is highly possible that the cause was distraction. Understanding research and having a full investigation can be critical to filing a lawsuit to be compensated.

Zendrive specializes in assessing driver behavior. Its latest research says that drivers are becoming increasingly distracted by their smartphones to a troubling degree. It analyzed 2 million drivers as they traveled 4.5 billion miles. This took place over three months from late 2018 into early 2019. It discovered that despite drivers being cognizant of the risks, they are still using their devices behind the wheel. In the past year alone, there has been a 10 percent rise in distraction.

Children show increase in dog bite injuries in 2018

Dogs are popular pets throughout Georgia. While most people will treat these animals well and make certain they are well-trained and will not bite people, there are still a significant number of incidents in which there are dog bite injuries. Researchers assess the statistics to gauge how frequently this happens and why, as they seek to formulate solutions to put a stop to it. Dog bites can cause lifelong damage and even death. For those who have been bitten or had a loved one bitten and killed, having legal advice is imperative to think about filing a lawsuit for compensation.

New research examines how frequently people are treated for dog bites across the U.S. On an annual basis, there are more than 4.5 million dog bites. 800,000 require the victim to seek medical treatment. The Insurance Information Institute and State Farm say that in 2018, there was an overall reduction in dog bites by 9 percent. That came to 338 fewer claims. The amount that was paid reduced by 7 percent, coming to a saving of more than $9 million.

Law to stop distracted car accidents not having desired effect

Distracted driving is a frequent topic of discussion in Georgia because the problem is so widespread. The issue sparked action from legislators as a new law was passed prohibiting the use of a handheld device when behind the wheel. The goal of the law is to improve safety by preventing drivers from using their devices. Consequences are designed to reduce its frequency. However, car accidents because of distracted drivers are still problematic. A recent study indicates that drivers in the state might know about the law, but are not following it. This can be a critical factor when there is a crash and a legal filing is needed to recover compensation.

In a survey, Today AAA found that 77 percent of participants knew about the new law that states they cannot use a handheld device while driving. More than 60 percent said they continued to witness drivers texting or using their devices for other purposes when driving. There were more than 400 residents of the state in the survey. The margin of error was as high as 4.9 percent. This survey had similar results as a separate survey in January that said most state residents generally adhere to the law, but 45 percent said they did not do so 100 percent of the time. 40 percent said they mostly obeyed it.

Georgia travelers at risk for injury because of drunk drivers

As a licensed driver in Georgia, you have an obligation to adhere to all traffic and safety regulations, every time you get behind the wheel. In this state, the law prohibits you from legally operating a motor vehicle if your blood alcohol content level reaches .08 or higher. The problem is that many people disregard such laws. They drink, then drive, which often leads to serious collisions resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.

Have you ever been behind the wheel when suddenly you noticed another vehicle veering left or right in its lane, perhaps coming dangerously close to other cars? If so, you may have been watching a drunk driving incident unfold. Drunk drivers often exhibit certain behaviors due to visual, cognitive and physical impairment. If you suffer injury because another person irresponsibly chose to drive after consuming alcohol, you should not have to bear the full financial burden associated with the accident.

Outlawing texting and driving reduces car accidents and injuries

There is no doubt that texting and driving and other distracted driver behaviors place people at risk of becoming injured or dying in car accidents. In Georgia and throughout the U.S., legislators and law enforcement are keenly aware of the potential for damage that can come with these types of car crashes and steps are being taken to stop drivers from doing it. Research is also critical to understanding what is effective and what is not when stopping texting and driving. A new study indicates that outlawing the practice is a useful tactic.

The research shows that states where there was a complete ban on texting and driving reduced the number of people who were injured in car accidents by 8 percent. One of the researchers, a professor at Texas A&M, states that although people think these laws can be inconvenient, there is proof that they work. More stringent enforcement is a way to get people to behave more vigilantly on the road and pay attention to what they are doing when driving instead of what their smartphone is doing.

Pedestrians constantly at risk for injuries in car accidents

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people to car accidents on the streets in Georgia. With the number of drivers who are reckless behind the wheel, are not paying attention to the road or are under the influence, crashes can happen without warning and lead to serious injuries and death. With the long-term damage that can accompany pedestrian-car accidents, those who have been impacted must remember their rights and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Two pedestrians were seriously injured when an out-of-control car crashed into them. Also injured in the accident was a two-year-old girl who was in the vehicle. According to the investigation, the driver of the vehicle hit a parked car before hitting a male and female. It stopped when it hit a power pole. The pedestrians were hospitalized. The driver remained at the site of the crash and rode with the child to the hospital. The investigation into the crash and why the driver lost control of the vehicle is continuing.

Lack of sleep multiplies risk of car accidents

For Georgia residents who are busy and might not get the necessary amount of sleep to feel fully rested, it might seem to be a required trade-off to complete the various personal and professional tasks they have throughout the day. Most will think it is not a critical factor in being safe on the road. However, a lack of sleep can significantly increase the danger of being in car accidents. This is highlighted just as daylight savings time hits and the clocks are moved an hour forward, depriving people of an hour of sleep until they again become accustomed to the change.

Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety examines this phenomenon and brings to light how risky it can be. In a 24-hour time span, the loss of one to two hours of the amount of sleep raises the danger of being in an auto crash by almost double. For those who lose two to three hours of sleep, the risk is quadrupled. According to the National Sleep Foundation, drivers who have slept for just two out of 24 hours are not fit to drive. AAA says that people require a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night to be functional. Drivers who got less than five hours of sleep had a similar risk of a crash as those who were drunk.

Pedestrian-car accidents on the rise in Georgia

Studies are common to determine what dangers are on the road across the U.S. When these research projects are done, there is usually information about individual states. For example, some states are found to have greater risk for certain kinds of accidents than others. A recent study regarding pedestrian-auto accidents found that Georgia experienced a significant uptick in fatal pedestrian crashes in the first six months of 2018. This should be a concern for everyone in the state and those who have been affected must be aware of this information for use in a legal filing for compensation.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) says there were at least 130 pedestrian deaths in the state for the first half of last year. That is a 32 percent increase from the same time-frame in 2017. Across the nation, the first half of the year saw only a 3 percent rise from the year before. It is not yet known why Georgia has experienced so drastic an increase. There is, however speculation as to what factors could be important in this spike.

Death of veteran shows risk of motorcycle and car accidents

No matter how many times Georgia drivers are advised to keep a close watch on the road for motorcyclists, they still tend to forget that riders are on smaller vehicles and are inherently vulnerable to injuries and death in a crash. Unfortunately, motorcycle-car accidents are common on the state roadways. These can happen for a variety of reasons including distracted driving, recklessness, drivers under the influence and a simple matter of not seeing the motorcycle. When there is a fatal motorcycle crash, family members facing the unexpected loss of a loved one must remember they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

When should a grieving family file a wrongful death claim?

The unexpected death of a loved one can devastate a Georgia family. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one because of an accident or other preventable incident, it can be especially heartbreaking to know that his or her passing was not necessary. During this time of grief and turmoil, you may not be sure how you will ever be able to pick up the pieces and move forward.

If your loved one's death was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you may have grounds to move ahead with a wrongful death claim. This legal recourse is available to those who want to hold liable parties accountable for their decisions and actions. It can also allow your family to recoup some of your losses and prepare for future financial needs.