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Legal Guidance Through Contempt And Enforcement Matters

Child support, spousal support and child custody arrangements are all court orders backed by the force of law. Anyone who violates these orders will risk serious legal consequences. If your spouse is in contempt of a child custody or support order, or if you are being threatened with a contempt order, we can help.

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Child Support Enforcement

Most child support enforcement actions come about when one parent fails to make child support payments on time. With a contempt proceeding, the individual who fails to pay child support can be threatened with jail time. In addition, the court can issue an “income deduction order” that will have child support payments automatically deducted from his or her paycheck.

Child Custody Enforcement

Enforcement actions for child custody are usually advanced in response to a parent who fails to respect the other parent’s visitation rights or doesn’t uphold his or her end of the child custody arrangement. A contempt order for child custody violations can result in jail time, and it can also prompt the judge to change custody from one parent to the other.

Get The Representation You Need Today

If you are facing a contempt order or if you wish to bring an enforcement action in court, you should speak with a lawyer who will look closely at your circumstances, listen to your story and create a strategy to help.

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