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Misdemeanor And Felony Criminal Defense Law Firm Located In Georgia

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, there are serious repercussions that you may face in and out of a courtroom in Georgia. From a misdemeanor shoplifting charge to drug crime that carries felony mandatory prison time or a charge of domestic violence, it is important to have experienced criminal defense representation who can counsel you as to potential outcomes and who can structure a defense that may be able to minimize the impacts these criminal charges and a conviction may have on your record, your freedom and your reputation.

At Claridge Law Firm LLC, our criminal defense lawyers are ready to help you with any misdemeanor or felony charges you are facing. From the moment you contact Claridge Law Firm LLC, we will be by your side vigorously advocating on your behalf and helping build a strong defense that can be used to negotiate with prosecutors as well as convince a judge and jury why you should not be convicted.

Not only do our criminal defense attorneys pride themselves on staying current with the law, but we are also familiar with the prosecutors and judges in and around the Augusta area. We are familiar with the common court practices and how different crimes are dealt with by different members of the legal system, which can help us shape our strategy.

We will examine every piece of evidence and how it was collected to see if any laws were not adhered to correctly and if your constitutional rights may have been violated. We will delve into the validity of the witness statements. We will work to identify all of the strengths and weaknesses of your misdemeanor or felony case so that we can form our own solid strategy as well as anticipate the prosecutor’s presentation.

We Will Be By Your Side Throughout The Whole Process

All of this information will be used to aggressively negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of the misdemeanor or felony charges against you. If you are convicted, we will continue to represent you and advocate for minimal sentencing. We will also evaluate your case for any relevant issues that may be used as grounds for an appeal.

We Are Aware Of All The Consequences From Criminal Charges

In our view, your criminal case is your life. The outcome can affect your freedom, your criminal record, your reputation, your ability gain employment and housing and possess a firearm. If you are a college student, even your ability to receive financial aid or live in a dorm can be affected by a simple marijuana possession charge or disorderly conduct conviction.

Build Your Defense Today

If you are facing criminal charges, contact Claridge Law Firm LLC, where we look at the entire picture and focus not only on your case but your whole life as well. We offer free, confidential consultations, and our rates are competitive.