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Augusta, Georgia, DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI arrest can suddenly happen to someone even when they do not realize that they are over the limit. If you are charged with DUI or DWI, you have the right to challenge the evidence presented against you and the underlying charges. At Claridge Law Firm LLC, our DUI attorneys in Richmond County, Georgia, have extensive experience defending clients against drunk driving and DUI charges. We will begin an immediate investigation into your case to effectively assert your rights, minimize penalties and protect your freedom.

You have the right to challenge the evidence presented against you, actions taken by law enforcement officers and the cause for your stop. To learn more about DUI defense, please contact Claridge Law Firm LLC for a consultation.

How Is Drunk Driving Charged In Georgia?

Is DUI considered a felony? This is one of the first questions our attorneys are asked by many prospective clients. The answer is that while most DUI offenses are considered to be misdemeanors, some can be charged as felonies. If you were to be charged with a fourth offense in ten years, for instance, it would be considered a felony.

It is important to note that misdemeanor charges are not trivial matters. They can threaten your freedom, including the freedom of travel that comes with having a license. A DUI conviction can lead to serious penalties, including license suspension, significant fines, and even jail time.

We Know How To Challenge The Evidence

Whether you are charged with a first-time drunk driving offense or as a repeat offender, you need an aggressive defense to protect your rights and freedom and navigate the criminal justice system. Our attorneys know how to beat a DUI in Georgia when such an outcome is possible. They can help you challenge evidence such as:

  • Police reports and witness statements
  • Field sobriety tests
  • Breathalyzer and blood tests
  • The legality of the traffic stop (an officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over)

We will also challenge their methods of testing your blood alcohol content (BAC), including Breathalyzer tests, to ensure accuracy. An officer must be specially trained to operate the Breathalyzer equipment and the tools must be properly calibrated. When evidence is improperly obtained or potentially inaccurate, you may be able to challenge the admission of specific evidence and even get your charges dropped.

If contacted early after arrest, our lawyers can sometimes get a DUI dismissed or have charges reduced based on the weakness of the evidence. At the very least, we can begin building a robust defense strategy.

Licensing Issues And Administrative Hearings

If you are arrested or charged with DUI, you will have the additional challenge of dealing with administrative and license issues. Our attorneys will effectively assert your rights to protect your driving privileges after you have been arrested for DUI. We can also help you obtain a license reinstatement after a revocation or a limited license for driving to work or school.

Let Us Defend Your License

Want to learn how to beat a DUI in Georgia, or if it is possible to do so in your case? Contact Claridge Law Firm LLC for a consultation with a DUI attorney in Richmond County, Georgia, who can effectively challenge your drunk driving charges and protect your freedom. Just call 706-860-4500 or reach out online.