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Bankruptcy Ends Creditor Harassment and Wage Garnishment

Located in Augusta, Georgia, the attorneys at Claridge Law Firm LLC offer personalized, experienced and cost-effective services for clients who are struggling to pay back their debts. If you suffer harassment from your creditors on a near-daily basis, you should speak with a lawyer to discuss your options for debt relief.

Our lawyers work closely with each client, listening to their stories and developing a strategy that fits their unique circumstances. If you would like to schedule a initial consultation to discuss your rights and options, call us today at 706-860-4500 or contact our offices online.

What You Should Know About The “Automatic Stay”

The moment you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy judge issues a Federal court order called an “automatic stay.” The automatic stay tells your creditors to immediately cease any efforts at collections — that means no more harassing phone calls and no more past due notices in the mail. Foreclosure and repossession efforts both must cease as well. If your wages are being garnished, the garnishment will be lifted.

What if Creditor Harassment Continues?

If your creditors continue to try to collect their debt from you even after you have filed for bankruptcy, you can prosecute them in court and win monetary damages. Bankruptcy provides immediate, indisputable relief from debt and creditor harassment.

Don’t Take Legal Advice from Your Creditors

Your creditors are only interested in one thing: getting their money back. They are not concerned with your best interests. They will warn you strongly against filing for bankruptcy, and many times there is no truth to their arguments, they will be strongly biased against it. An attorney has a legal obligation to consider your best interests first.

Schedule a Consultation

If creditor harassment is causing you extreme stress and hardship, bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. You can discuss your circumstances and your options during a consultation with a lawyer at Claridge Law Firm LLC — just call 706-860-4500 or contact our offices online. We look forward to learning about your problem.