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Georgia Family Law Attorneys Helping Clients Faced With Domestic Violence Issues

Marriages that turn from relationships of love to ones of violence, hate and fear usually end in divorce and involve domestic violence. Often people are embarrassed to ask for help or do not know what legal options are available that can help them.

At Claridge Law Firm, we can help you escape this overwhelming situation whether you need legal protection from an abusive situation where domestic violence is occurring, or you have been accused of domestic violence and need aggressive criminal defense representation. If you are involved in a situation that includes domestic violence, Contact our Augusta office immediately to see how we can help you assert your legal options to protect yourself.

Temporary Protective Orders

If you or a family member has been the victim of domestic violence, our lawyers can help you obtain a temporary restraining order that will impose strict penalties if the offender comes near you. This legal remedy can usually be obtained without notice to the other party and will be granted by a judge on an emergency basis.

Once the accused party has been served by a sheriff, they are given an opportunity to contest the order by attending a hearing. We will represent you at the hearing and zealously advocate on your behalf why the order is valid, presenting proof of an abusive situation, which we will help you collect for the court.

We will also help you if you decide to seek a divorce from your abusive spouse as well. We will use this information when negotiating issues such as spousal support as well as child custody and visitation issues. Our goal is to help you legally separate yourself from this situation, so you can move on with your life feeling protected and at peace.

However, there are times when people are falsely accused of domestic violence as a tactic to negotiate a divorce action. If this has happened to you, we can help defend you and prove the allegations are false and the temporary protective order should be lifted. More importantly, if you have also had criminal battery or assault charges filed against you as a result of the domestic violence charge, we can help defend in you in criminal court as well. We will investigate the nature of the complaint and challenge the supporting evidence that has been presented.

Domestic violence charges are serious matters that demand serious knowledge and representation. No matter what side of the situation you are on, we can help. Contact our Augusta office today to schedule your initial, confidential consultation, so we can explore your legal options together.