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Law to stop distracted car accidents not having desired effect

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Distracted driving is a frequent topic of discussion in Georgia because the problem is so widespread. The issue sparked action from legislators as a new law was passed prohibiting the use of a handheld device when behind the wheel. The goal of the law is to improve safety by preventing drivers from using their devices. Consequences are designed to reduce its frequency. However, car accidents because of distracted drivers are still problematic. A recent study indicates that drivers in the state might know about the law, but are not following it. This can be a critical factor when there is a crash and a legal filing is needed to recover compensation.

In a survey, Today AAA found that 77 percent of participants knew about the new law that states they cannot use a handheld device while driving. More than 60 percent said they continued to witness drivers texting or using their devices for other purposes when driving. There were more than 400 residents of the state in the survey. The margin of error was as high as 4.9 percent. This survey had similar results as a separate survey in January that said most state residents generally adhere to the law, but 45 percent said they did not do so 100 percent of the time. 40 percent said they mostly obeyed it.

The law was put into action in July 2018. Drivers cannot hold their phone or other devices, nor can they support the device with other parts of the body. Anyone who has a hands-free apparatus can use their devices. With April being “Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” concerns about the issue are again being raised. Statistically, a driver who is texting has as much as eight times the chance of being in an accident. It is as much as four times as frequent for those who are talking on their device and driving. Having a hands-free apparatus does not end distraction, but it reduces the chance of a crash.

People can suffer life-changing injuries and fatalities when they are in car accidents and distracted driving is rapidly becoming one of the main reasons for crashes to occur. To recover compensation for lost income, hospital bills, medication and other costs, a legal filing is beneficial. A law firm that has helped many Georgians with their claims after car accidents can be consulted to take the necessary steps to file a case.