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People can be injured in car accidents without a collision

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When there is a report of people being injured after a car accident in Georgia, there is an automatic assumption that a collision is what caused the injuries. However, when drivers seek to avoid a crash, people can still be hurt in the aftermath. Those who suffered injuries after an accident – even if they were not hit by another vehicle itself – have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit. Understanding what steps to take is a key part of filing a case.

Two people were injured when a dump truck dumped its contents on their vehicle. The accident happened when the truck went through a red light; the truck driver swerved to attempt to avoid a crash. In the process, the truck’s load was sent on top of an SUV. The two people in the vehicle were hospitalized and the fire department was needed to get one person out. The investigation into the case is continuing.

When there are injuries after an auto accident, people will need to think about many factors that will affect their life. These include the medical expenses they might face, the lost time at work, the need for extensive treatment, and drastic life changes as they try to recover. Their family life can be negatively impacted, and they could have questions and concerns as to what they will do to cover their financial losses. A legal filing is critical after these accidents because insurers are constantly looking for ways to save money and will frequently try to make a settlement offer well below what is necessary to cover the losses.

People who were hurt must be protected with legal advice. A law firm that specializes in car accidents cases can provide guidance.