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A lawsuit can recover compensation after dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Dog Bite Injuries, Firm News

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and many people in Georgia have a dog as a pet. While most dogs are friendly, approachable and respond well to people, others are dangerous and can cause injuries and even death if they bite. In some instances, even friendly dogs bite without warning. When a dog bites and causes injuries and death, it is imperative for the victims to understand what they are facing and to realize that they have the right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for what they have lost. A legal advocate can provide guidance and help in pursuing a case.

It is important to remember that dogs can inflict severe damage when they bite. In many instances, the dog runs free or is not properly restrained or locked in. If they escape or get away from their owner and bite another person, the owner is liable for the injuries that victim suffers. It is unfortunate that some dogs are not trained or are outright mistreated to the point where they attack people. When this happens, the owner should be held accountable for the damage the dog does.

Dog bite injuries can result in a long hospital stay with major medical expenses. The victim could miss time at work or not be able to work at all. People might need skin grafts, have scarring or even be permanently damaged and killed by a dog attack. Frequently, these dog attacks involve children, leaving them vulnerable to a life of pain. Psychological damage can come about after dog bites with an inherent fear of even gentle and friendly animals after injuries from a dog bite. This must all be considered and factored in when considering a legal filing for compensation.

For those who have been attacked by a dog, it is wise to think about the future and all that was lost from the attack. A law firm that has experience helping people who have suffered personal injuries can be of assistance when considering a lawsuit after dog bite injuries.