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Hit-and-run car accidents involving children spark injury, arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Car accidents do not discriminate based on any factor including what a person does for a living. Anyone can be involved in a crash. They must adhere to the law after the fact or face various sanctions if they do not. However, people who are in an accident – especially one involving a child – might be scared or intimidated. This could lead to them fleeing the scene and making the situation worse. From the victim’s perspective, a hit-and-run crash multiplies the risk because the injured person might not get the care they need in a timely fashion and it could cause the injuries to be worse than they otherwise would be. It can even result in a fatality. People who are in a hit-and-run crash must have legal help to consider a lawsuit for compensation.

A three-year-old child was injured in a hit-and-run near a daycare center. The driver of the vehicle that fled was later discovered to be an off-duty law enforcement officer. The accident occurred shortly after 5 p.m. The officer was in his personal vehicle. It was in building’s parking lot. The officer, a lieutenant, was at the center to pick up his child as was the mother of the child who was hit. After the accident, the woman told the driver that he had hit her daughter. He allegedly lowered his window when the mother went back into the building. He stated that he did not believe he had hit the child and waited before departing. The child had a foot injury. The officer was arrested on multiple charges and was fired from his job.

Car accidents are always dangerous, but they are even more dangerous when they involve a small child. It makes matters worse when the driver of the vehicle flees the scene. Whether the injured child suffered severe injuries or not, it can still impact them in myriad ways with medical costs, the need for rehabilitative care and lifelong problems. The parents will need to pay for the treatment and likely be faced with other expenses due to such an accident. A legal filing is often the only way to receive sufficient compensation for what they have lost.

An off-duty police officer hit a child in a parking lot and then fled. The child was injured and the officer was arrested and lost his job. The mother of the child must bear in mind the potential problems that her child will face due to this crash. It can have an effect physically and psychologically. A law firm that understands how to investigate car accidents and take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit should be called immediately for advice.