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DUI car accidents cause injuries and death

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Although distracted driving has become a prominent focus of car accidents, injuries and fatalities in Georgia and across the nation, one of the most dangerous behaviors that people can have behind the wheel is driving under the influence. The risk inherent for innocent drivers and pedestrians when a person chooses to drive after drinking or using drugs is substantial. These accidents can cause major problems in a person’s life. After there has been a crash, those who were impacted must remember they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing with help from a law firm that specializes in car accidents.

A 37-year-old woman was killed and a 19-year-old woman and two of her passengers were injured when an alleged drunk driver crashed. The accident happened at approximately 10:30 p.m. when a Chevrolet Malibu was heading west. A Toyota RAV4 was in front of the Malibu and slowing near the intersection due to traffic. The Malibu did not slow down and rear-ended the RAV4. It was pushed toward the intersection. The woman who died was a passenger in the Malibu. She had been hospitalized after the crash, but died days later. The 19-year-old and two others had injuries and were taken to the hospital. The driver of the Malibu was treated for injuries and arrested on multiple charges including DUI and possession of drugs.

Injuries and fatalities due to car accidents can be difficult for the people who were hurt and the families left behind to deal with. When it was because a driver decided to get behind the wheel under the influence, it is even harder. The lost companionship, emotional impact, financial ramifications and more can have a long-range negative effect on many lives. While it is difficult to think about, it is important to consider the options to be compensated in a legal filing. This can be key to the investigation, evidence and moving forward with a claim.

A woman who was a passenger in an alleged DUI driver’s vehicle died and three other people who were in a vehicle that was rear-ended were injured. The investigation into this case is continuing, but with the litany of charges the man faces, it is imperative for those who were affected to protect their interests and call a law firm that helps people who have been injured or lost a loved one in car accidents.