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What is the most dangerous dog breed?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Dog Bite Injuries, Firm News

Many breeds of dogs have gotten such a reputation that an average Augusta, Georgia, resident might assume that a dog of that breed is always a bite risk.

Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans and German Shepherds all have the reputation of being dogs that humans may should just as soon as avoid and should certainly not take out in to the general public or keep around kids.

Some lawmakers have even passed laws outlawing specific dog breeds or placing special restrictions on them, even if an individual dog has not bitten anyone.

However, according to at least one well-known dog expert, a dog’s genetic breeding makes relatively little difference when it comes to being a bite risk. This expert’s opinion is that any dog is capable of biting a person and, although bigger dogs are naturally more prone to causing more damage, any dog is also capable of inflicting a serious injury such as disfigurement or even death.

The key to whether a dog is a bite risk or not is how the dog is treated, socialized and trained. These responsibilities, of course, fall squarely on the dog’s human owners and caretakers. Dogs that get the proper care and training will be less likely to bite no matter their breeding, while dogs that are maltreated or which specifically conditioned to be aggressive will be more likely to bite.

What this means is that should someone suffer dog bite injuries, then that person should really look to the owner of the dog as the responsible party since they, perhaps unwittingly, have likely failed to give the dog what it needs to be peaceful around humans. Legally, holding an owner responsible will mean filing a personal injury lawsuit.