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Police say trucker will be cited for injury accident

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Law enforcement officers have indicated that charges are pending against a trucker who allegedly caused a traffic accident on a highway in nearby Columbia County. Still, authorities have not specified what law the trucker will be cited for violating, and they are continuing to investigate the accident.

Initial reports were that a pickup truck was traveling alongside the trucker’s semi in the inside, left lane of a multi-lane highway. The trucker, who was waiting at an intersection, pulled in to the path of the pickup truck, striking it with the trailer that was attached to the cab. The trucker said that some trees were obstructing his view, and so he did not see the pickup approaching the intersection.

The pickup and its driver were both pinned underneath the large truck and had to be removed. After the extraction, the driver was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that authorities described as serious. However, the man is reportedly in stable condition.

As this case illustrates, it is very important for all motorists, but particularly truckers, to take extra care at intersections to look both ways and double check for cross traffic, even when the intersection is governed by a traffic light. The fact that an intersection is surrounded by trees or other obstacles that can impede one’s vision is all the more reason to be careful and is not an excuse for causing car accidents.

Particularly when vehicles are traveling at high speeds, accidents at intersections can be quite serious and even deadly. The victim of a driver who either blew through an intersection or just pulled out prematurely can ask for compensation for medical bills, lost income and other damages. In a case like this, a victim may also be able to sue the driver’s employer.