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Attention Georgia drivers: these dangers may be lurking nearby

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Firm News

When you get behind the wheel of your car to travel somewhere in Georgia, you understand the personal risk inherent to operating a motor vehicle. However, you likely also reasonably expect that if you adhere to all traffic and safety regulations and pay close attention to your road surroundings while you drive, you should reach your destination without incident.

It’s your surroundings that may carry the most danger. You may be alert and cautious at the wheel; however, any number of issues can arise that would catch you off-guard and perhaps cause a collision, resulting in your injury. Understanding what types of dangers exist and knowing what to do if a problem arises may help you mitigate your circumstances.

Watch out for slick roads

You’ve heard of black ice. Well, puddles can be just as dangerous; your vehicle might hydroplane and spiral out of control in an instant. If there’s no one else around, things might turn out okay once your car comes to a halt. However, if you land in oncoming traffic or hit a nearby stationary object, such as a tree, the results could be devastating.

Tire maintenance is important

When is the last time you did a safety check on your tires? A blow-out can occur without warning, leaving you one tire short and at great risk for injury. There are guidelines regarding tire safety, including how to tell if your treads are too worn to drive.

Child frees himself or herself from seat restraint

As a parent, catching a glimpse of your toddler in your rear view mirror as he or she manages to get out of a car seat while you’re driving is probably enough to cause immediate, extreme stress. If you panic, the situation may get even worse, so it is critical that you try to focus on the road and safely exit the highway as soon as possible so you can stop and put your child back in his or her seat.

A negligent driver crashes into you

You’ve likely encountered one more than once — a driver who is texting, grooming in a rear view mirror or talking on a cell phone instead of keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. These types of drivers often cause fatal accidents; if you survive a distracted driving collision, you may face a long, arduous recovery.

You may be able to avoid puddles or make sure your tires are in good condition while driving, but you can’t control another person’s choices or actions. If you suffer injury because someone failed to adhere to Georgia traffic laws, you should not have to pay the expenses associated with the accident. While you are recovering from your physical and emotional injuries, you can inquire about legal steps you can take to seek financial recovery as well.