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Augusta, Georgia, Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Whether or not you are the one to file, divorce is never easy; nor are the critical family decisions that follow. For any sensitive family law matter, it is important to retain the assistance of a knowledgeable family law and divorce attorney who understands your goals and in whom you can place your confidence and trust.

At the Claridge Law Firm, whether you are contemplating divorce or you are seeking information from a knowledgeable child custody lawyer, we understand that you are going through a very troubling time in your life. An experienced divorce attorney at our firm is here to listen, discuss your goals, and walk you through the legal process in the most painless way possible. Contact us today for an initial consultation concerning your family law matter:

  • Divorce (contested, uncontested)
  • Modifications of divorce (child support, child custody)
  • Contempt actions / Enforcing a final divorce decree

    Adoption (contested, uncontested, stepparent adoption)

  • Legitimation / Paternity
  • Juvenile law

Skilled family law and divorce attorney Barbara Barnett Claridge will take time to educate you as to the legal process and the reason for each action we take. The more thoroughly you understand the process, the better able you are to make well-informed decisions, confidently.

Whether you have a high-asset complex divorce case or changed circumstances that call for a change of custody, an experienced family law and divorce attorney at Claridge Law Firm can provide the exceptional legal service you need to make the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today.