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Posts tagged "Premises Liability Claims"

Premises liability claims and the attractive nuisance doctrine

Children can be both curious and unpredictable -- a combination that leads them to unknowingly doing something that could be dangerous. For example, they may go onto another's property to explore a swimming pool, machines, play equipment or construction debris. Thus, property owners are bound to the "attractive nuisance" doctrine, which requires them to make their premises safe for children who may be enticed to enter their property due solely to an enticing object on the property.

How does a person's status affect a premises liability claim?

When a person in Georgia is at a store, at a friend's house or is even trespassing, they generally expect that the property will be safe. However, safety is no guarantee, and sometimes a dangerous condition on the property causes a person to suffer harm. The liability of the property owner in such situations will depend on the status of the injured party.