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October 2018 Archives

Attention Georgia drivers: these dangers may be lurking nearby

When you get behind the wheel of your car to travel somewhere in Georgia, you understand the personal risk inherent to operating a motor vehicle. However, you likely also reasonably expect that if you adhere to all traffic and safety regulations and pay close attention to your road surroundings while you drive, you should reach your destination without incident.

Where to turn after being injured in a slip-and-fall accident

While people in Augusta need not worry about icy sidewalks for the most part, that doesn't mean that sidewalks, floors and other surfaces are totally safe. For example, a spill on a grocery store floor could cause a slip-and-fall accident if it is not promptly attended to. Torn carpeting in a restaurant or a broken step in a hotel pose similar dangers; dangers that most people are unaware of until it is too late.

Study examines link between sleep and car accidents

Some people in Georgia head to bed early, while others pride themselves on being "night owls." However, experts have long recommended that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. This is important not just for good health but for safety as well. A study published in the scientific journal, Sleep, has revealed that motorists who have gotten less than seven hours of sleep in the past 24 hours are at an increased risk for causing a motor vehicle accident. Those at the greatest risk for causing a car accident are those who got less than four hours of sleep.

Premises liability claims and the attractive nuisance doctrine

Children can be both curious and unpredictable -- a combination that leads them to unknowingly doing something that could be dangerous. For example, they may go onto another's property to explore a swimming pool, machines, play equipment or construction debris. Thus, property owners are bound to the "attractive nuisance" doctrine, which requires them to make their premises safe for children who may be enticed to enter their property due solely to an enticing object on the property.

Facing an insurance adjuster after an accident

If you were selling your house or your car, you would expect the buyer to haggle over the price and try to convince you to accept a lower amount. It is common for people in Georgia and elsewhere to save money by pointing out the things that are wrong with your property in an attempt to devalue it.